Saturday, July 7, 2012

I noticed a lot of people were having problems with flicker, So being the kind and helpful person I am I've put together this step by step guide to entering the contest;

Step one
When your at the flickr link  ( click sign up 
Step two
This screen should pop up where you have a few choices, I went for the google one as I have an account with blogger
Step three
If like me you've picked google this box should pop up - Just sign in as normal

Step four
Remember to click 'allow' for the sign up to work

Step 5
Add your details and click 'continue'
Step six
Congrats you're a member now go back to the given link -

Step seven
Join the group
Step eight
Yes, you want to join the group
Step nine
Add your own photo to the contest
Step ten
This page should pop up - Just simply add your contest entry and your done!

If you have any more questions leave us a message below where Lyn will happily answer them.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Stardoll System Updates

Hey Everybody!

I just leveled up this afternoon. I thought Id show you what the screen looked like. Its kind of disappointing since I only recieved 3 starcoins for leveling up.

Also today, 20/6/2012 a new 'Achievements' was introduced. You can place your achievements on the 'shelf'. To me, I think it is a way for Stardoll to earn more money. Girls will want to gain a certain item on their shelf therefore spend more time and money on Stardoll.

What do you guys think of these new systems?


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ask Us

Hey Everybody,

Is there someone that's trolling the club? Is there a question you have for the managers or myself? Or do you just want to say 'hey'?

Well if there is, just leave a comment below and we will try and get back to you.


Friday, October 7, 2011

The Stardoll Twilight Club Scenery Contest

The Stardoll Twilight Club Scenery Contest 2012

We want to see how creative you are by incorporating the theme 'Books' into your scenery.

1st Place- $10 AUD Stardoll gift card (Redeems 1 Month Superstar membership with 200 Stardollars)
Scenery as our club blog banner.
An extra $50 Stardollars
2nd Place- $10 AUD Stardoll gift card (Redeems 1 Month Superstar membership with 200 Stardollars)
3rd Place- The fame for getting your username written in our club poll and presentation. (We get around 500 hits into our club everyday).

How to enter:
8th July to 8th August: Make one scenery, with the theme 'Books' and submit the screen shot of your scenery to our flickr page. You must have a flickr account to post the picture,don't worry its very easy to become a member, you can use your current email address.
OR Make a scenery on our club scenery page and one of the managers or me will upload it for you. Please include a description and a title.

10th August: Taylor, Summer, Tash and I will choose our top 3 sceneries out of all of the contestants. We will post the username of the top 3 winners in our club poll. Anyone will be able to vote.

17th August: We will announce the winner on our club presentation and our club blog.

Contestants must have a Stardoll account with a minimum of level 8 Starpoints.
1 Scenery per Username.
You need to incorporate something to do with 'Books' In it.
ONLY Twilight Club Members can join this contest.

Useful links:
Flickr Link-
Club Blog-

Inspirational things:
What is your favourite book?
Who is your favourite fictional character?
Where is yur favourite book set?

Good Luck!